Life is Beautiful. Always – VR Exhibition

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‘Life is Beautiful. Always’ Life is Beautiful – Always is a VR experience I discovered during the London Biennale last month, which both fascinated me and moved me.

The exhibition is the fruit of the long work of expressionist and multidisciplinary artist Michael Schreur.

Dominic Green, a filmmaker, and Danny Bacchus also participate in the project as an artistic team. Danny is a professional of virtual reality and visual art, expert in the innovative use of digital technologies; through the work of Marcel he is completing a doctorate where he explores the effect of the VR experience on the observer who projects himself into the artist’s life.

Through a non-linear narrative, this wonderful VR adventure reproduces an emotional and at the same time provocative exploration in Schreur’s life.

Wearing headphones, you head for a virtual elevator that takes the viewer to a deeper level. The space generated in this new surreal and dreamlike world allows participants to empathize with the artist and collect his thoughts, sometimes deformed through the lens of difference and disability. This fantastic universe allows the visitor to reflect and become more aware of the personal difficulties encountered among people with various levels of disability. It’s an exploration into other life experiences, a chance to live life through Schreur’s eyes and his habits, sharing his approach towards the disease against which he fights every day.

The aim of the project, the artist explains, is to facilitate the exchange of communication between patients, carers, doctors and professionals in the field. And to remember what his philosophy of life is – “Life is a gift, in its entirety. Surrendering to hope is surrendering to life itself. You are never alone. The light always shines, in the moon, in the stars and behind the horizon. Be grateful for life every single day. ” Exploring Marcel’s journey through his work means reaffirming the wisdom he brings with him: that life is wonderful. Always.

The sessions last about twenty minutes but it is difficult to take the headset off; it is a totally suggestive and intense world in which it is worth staying as long as possible.

Marcel has exhibited his works all over the world: at the Kyoto Museum of Modern Art in Japan; at the U.N. Global Forum for Migration and Development in Istanbul; at the Chianciano Museum in Italy, at the London Art Biennale and in The Vatican.

You can enjoy a taste of the VR experience by clicking on this link.

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