a Glimpse Of The Artist’s World In VR

Emma VR: Painting Life is a VR story about Emma Webster, a contemporary painter, and her colourful artist’s world.

The enthusiastic voice of Emma guides you through the entire VR experience – at first, you are invited to see one of her art shows, where she tells you more about her works and life. You turn the corner and discover her studio, a huge space where you can have a meticulous view of her massive canvas and sculptures and try to immerse yourself into the creative process behind them – all of this while you ‘stumble’ upon frames, sketches and boxes. It’s engaging to imagine how the atelier has been changing and the energy put into each piece from a different angle – is the artwork ready to be exhibited? Is it still in the mind of the artist? Does it already exist in real life? While you try to make it work in your head, Emma plays with you and challenges your own reason to be there, reminding you the concept that ‘everything only exists from the eyes of who’s watching’ – leaving the door open to a set of mysterious probabilities.

There’s a tiny hole in the wall – a tunnel made of red rocks, a secret passage to Emma’s bedroom. In the privacy of her intimate space, you acknowledge her oldest and recent memories, dreams and part of her background she has protected from getting forgotten. Through posters, pictures and objects, you dig deeper into her artistic development – and the relation between her work and her personal life – making the experience less imaginary and more lively instead.

In contrast with all the shows and VR exhibitions we have access to every day, this VR experience is a simple but cheerful look into the artist’s mindset, a fresh way of interacting with creativity and imagination and an attempt to understand the long journey that leads to a work of art.

Viewable with HTC Vive or Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S on Oculus and Styly in English and in Japanese, watch the presentation below.